Gift Ecology

life is gift

A Business Model for Mutual Thriving inspired by the book, “Sacred Economics” by Charles Eisenstein


  • In March 2013, Clarity Coaching transitioned from a fee-based service to a gifted service.
  • We experience what we offer as invaluable, so the only honorable way to offer it is as a gift.
  • Your session is paid for by prior gifts, and your gift continues to pay it forward for others.
  • As you experience value in our gift, we deeply appreciate your gift, based wholly upon your perceived value & capacity in the moment.


  • It just feels better – more natural, friendlier, truer! Life itself is a gift…
  • You determine the value of our services to you – and honor it in your own perfect way.
  • People who’ve been unable to afford our services the past 10 years now have full access.
  • No one will ever be turned away because of financial constraints
  • Gifting honors the co-creative element of every human connection and interaction.
  • More people will be practicing and benefitting from the life-changing process of The Work.
  • We are unlimited in our ways and means of engaging in mutual gifting. Money is wonderful! So are referrals, skills, talents, services and useful goods.
  • Gifting takes the scarcity, obligation and toxicity out of monetary exchange.


  • Choose one of our certified Clarity Coaches and schedule a session with them!
  • Sessions are available in person, and by phone or Skype
    (Many new to service ask what our prior fee per session was; typically $150/session)

More info on Sacred Economics and Charles Eisenstein can be found here.

“At the deepest level, there is no giver, no gift and no recipient – only the Universe rearranging itself.”          – Ronald Arms

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