Clarity Coaching Institute Professional Mentorship Program

Do you want add new and powerful facilitation skills to your repertoire of client services, expand your horizons and proficiency in powerful conflict resolution skills, or become a coach? If so, this program can and will change your life. To offer clarity to others, we must first embrace and live in clarity ourselves. How is it possible to give anything we don’t first possess ourselves?

Designed for professionals, candidates accepted into the 9-12 month Clarity Coaching Professional Mentorship is offered the opportunity to master the ability to facilitate and coach others using The Work of Byron Katie.

Who would find value in this program? Professionals and individuals who are devoted to a deeper experience of life, and those dedicated to deeply serving people:

Educators, Mediators, Trainers, Mental Health Professionals, Coaches, Human Resource Management, Business Leadership, Health Care Providers, Addiction/Rehab Counselors, Special Interest Groups, Alternative Health Practitioners, Criminal Justice Professionals, Special Interest Group Leaders, Hair Stylists, Hospice Workers, Social Activists


The prerequisite for application to the mentorship is the completion of 10 private 2-hour sessions with Kathryn.

For more information contact Kathryn for questions and details at 801-953-3942 or email to receive an info packet.