Personal Coaching with the Work of Byron Katie

Clarity Coaching teaches four simple questions you can ask yourself when faced with disappointments, frustrations, and challenges that help you to see yourself and your world from an entirely different perspective (The Work of Byron Katie).  This new perspective brings laughter, peace, trust and freedom into your experience in ways you never dreamed possible. These are the results you can expect from Clarity Coaching:

  • Stop missing the miracle of now, and let the past go once and for all
  • Awareness of the fact that every problem is actually the doorway to greater goodness
  • Learn how to stop saying yes when your heart says no
  • Discover how to forgive the “unforgivable” from the truth of your heart

Clarity Coaching Institute provides direct coaching with private individuals, couples and families and groups. Couple and group work is surprisingly gentle, pleasant and empowering for all participants.  Conflicts are quickly cooled and floundering relationships become flourishing ones when we question what we think we know in the presence of one another. Relationships comprise every arena of your life. You have them with:

  • yourself
  • your beloved
  • your parents (alive or not)
  • your children
  • your siblings and extended family
  • your creativity and self expression
  • your body and health
  • your creativity
  • your personal finances
  • your church and communities
  • your planet
  • your Higher Power

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